Painted Rocks

“Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a

thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth.” – Rumi

Do things from Love, not for Love.

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How we treat this world, this gift we’ve been given, is a reflection of our true self.
The creation of a thousand forests is in one Acorn. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Photos by Lynn Morgan For all who are finding their way ..
Speaking Through Poetry
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Paint used: Acrylic, and protected with polycrylic coating. This does not protect from UV light, so these should not be kept outside.  There are coatings that can protect and you can always add your own coating. Tools: The flat end of various sized drill bits (my husband is generous in sharing!) & small dotting tools used in ceramics and fingernail art. Time: I cannot answer how long each rock takes, as I usually work 2 or 3 at a time, either to let a rock dry, or if one stops talking to me and I need to set it aside. (yes, the rocks do talk to me :) ) Measuring: The only measurement I use is one to obtain the approximate center of the rock.  All else is completely freehand. Rock Choices: Rocks come in many textures , shapes and sizes. I am drawn to their uniqueness (or quirkiness!) rather than their perfection. Some rocks have small pits that swallow dot colors, some are grainy, some are very smooth.  Each has its own type of energy. Unpainted bottom-side: I never paint the bottom of the rock, ever!  The rocks are being decorated, not smothered.  It is important that the hands can still connect with the rock. Deciding Patterns:  Most of the time, the rock decides. The uniqueness of each rock shape and texture will determine how it evolves.  Many patterns may ‘appear similar, but there are always some slight differences. Custom Rocks:  Painting these rocks is a purely emotional and intuitional experience. It is very difficult to ‘customize’ rocks.  Part of it requires finding that ‘perfect’ rock that is willing to be transformed. 
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