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Lynn Morgan - Days Creek, Oregon ~
The Joy of Poi
Poi spinning develops spatial awareness in a very visual way, a skill that is essential for all movement disciplines but sometimes hard for teachers to demonstrate. Once the basics of Poi spinning have been understood, there are hundreds of dance move combinations that can be arranged into routines, backed by music and then put into performances. As well as having enjoyed a unique and engaging experience, students who take part in a good workout are generally able to concentrate better in class.
Increases spatial awareness  ~  Improves co-ordination  ~ Helps to promote flexibility  ~  Works both sides of the brain (bi-lateral motor skills) Works both brain hemispheres  ~  Promotes sporting ability and stamina  ~  Helps build muscle tone  ~  Can help to Increase confidence and self-esteem Promotes creativity  ~  Helps relieve stress  ~  Improves posture and body movement  ~  Improves concentration and determination Improves dexterity  ~  Great for team building and breaking barriers  ~  Good all round cardiovascular workout